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ADOA Media Consult was founded in 2015 by the Anglican Church with the clear vision to create an influential and credible brand tv in Ghana. The TV will begin operation with a Free - To - Air - Digital Channel.

The emergence of ADOA TV will radically change the media landscape in Ghana and offer a platform for a credible, honest news reporting, unadulterated gospel, and a strong independent voice for the people to be heard, citizens’ participation of public discussion and the empowerment of the people.

Evangelism is how proclamation leads to conversion or the making of disciples.

Mission and Evangelism are inherent in the Church. Deeping Spirituality must be predicated on evangelism. The church growth greatly depends on how seriously we take our evangelism. Evangelism field is like a market place and we must be attractive to get patronage.

The station would be a big platform to project our attractive part as a church, so as to attract people into the church. It would be a platform to spread the word of God to the whole nation and the world at large at a goal.

ADOA TV is a talent people’s centered organization, driven by creativity and content with enabling technology.

ADOA TV will not only be a Christian channel, but will also be used as a tool for national development and help businesses grow through advertising.


To create credible, compelling information and entertainment products &services that will attract the largest audience and deliver high value solutions to our advertisers.


ADOA TV will uphold the highest business behavior, promote a culture of ethical conduct and be guided by the following values anchored in our Christian faith;

  • Leadership: we are committed to demonstrate leadership in every enterprise we embark on.
  • Integrity: we are committed to exhibiting un-yielding integrity in our business activities.
  • Community: we are committed to contributing our time and resources to make our community a better place.

ADOA TV is committed to the highest standard of journalism and integrity in all our dealing and relationship with all stakeholders, the communities in which we operate and the society at large.

ADOATV is committed to best media practices and has put in place effective and proactive systems of corporate governance.


  1. Positively impact and effect change in our community
  2. Create value for our stakeholders
  3. Improve the welfare of the people with whom we share our vision.
  4. Provide genuine counselling and premium services to our clients.
  5. Remain at the fore front of the media landscape in Africa.
  6. To lead the Broadcasting and Communication Industry through quality programming that promotes the development and cultural aspirations of Ghana.
  7. To undertake viable Commercial activities that will promote the aspirations of the Company.

To achieve our Mission we shall:

  • Be committed to providing credible, reliable and quality Broadcasting and Communication Services.
  • Promote national consciousness, loyalty, integrity, self-reliance and provide strong sense of national identity.
  • Be guided by a high standard of professionalism, objectivity, accuracy, balance and excellence.
  • Pursue sound policies and best business practices in dealing with our stakeholders.


To be the Dependable and Reliable Voice of Ghana.


ADOA TV will be affiliated to both local and international media houses.


ADOA TV will create the media platform and content to propagate the Word of God, with focus on the five pillars of the Diocesan Vision.

As a media house, our biggest resource would be airtime and our ready established audience is the Anglican community in Ghana comprising about 1.2 million members.                                               


Photography, video recording and documentary

The ADOA TV will create new event for the Diocese and also support the existing Diocesan events. 

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